Handcrafted Designer Jewelry- Gifts with an Artist’s Touch

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Handcrafted designer jewelry is not just a pretty accessory. It tells the story of an artist’s unique perspective on fashion. By wearing it, you show others you believe in the artist’s vision. By gifting it to someone else, you tell them you understand their aesthetic.


Take, for example, the jewelry of designer Thea Miller and her DRU brand. She combines more conventional fine jewelry accents with her rock and roll background. By mixing the old with the new, Miller encourages women to fully embrace who they are. “As women, we are all multifaceted and complex,” said Miller for a Forbes profile. “Yet, we are independent and powerful enough to find light in the dark.” Gifting someone a piece from Miller’s collection can empower the right person.


The founder of A Lady’s Accessories, Senita Whitelaw, began beading to decompress from the Atlanta traffic. Now, A Lady’s Accessories represents years of Senita’s personal development as a jewelry designer. Proceeds from each sale also go to local charities. Most of this money goes to charities that empower women. Because of that, buying your loved one a gift from A Lady’s Accessories is a way to both support a Kansas City-area business and local charities at the same time.



Ghia Set


Ghia by A Lady’s Accessories


Whichever designer you choose to buy from, purchasing handcrafted designer jewelry is a way to support an artist with their own aesthetic. It is also your first step in picking a design that is customized for the woman in your life. Next, you might want to choose a design that accentuates her natural beauty. In that case, check out our guides to choosing the right necklace for her body type or the perfect earring to compliment her face shape. If you find a great handcrafted designer jewelry design for that special person, let us know in the comments, too!



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