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Who is Blair?!

In 2014, I attended a leadership development training for women that was hosted by my church. It was in that training that I met Blair. Blair’s sincere desire to do God’s will is one that I understand and appreciate. When she shared that His desire for her was to serve as a missionary and that He was sending her to Colombia, I immediately wanted to help. I prayed and asked, “How can I help? What can I do?” The answer, in addition to intercessory prayer, was to start the Blair’s, Heart Collection. The designs in this collection are made from seashells, which I later discovered hold a special place in Blair’s heart. 100% of the proceeds from these designs go to supporting Blair’s mission in Cartagena, Colombia.
I love to teach. Specifically, the Bible and Biblical principles. I have had the opportunity to teach three dynamic and very different groups of women in the Cartagena area. The first group, (Calvary Chapel Cartagena women’s ministry) is primarily composed of women who are not lacking in regards to material things. Secondly, I teach the women of Tierra Bomba (an impoverished island off the shore of Cartagena). Lastly, I get to teach the women in a local jail once a week. Spending time with these women has been incredible as they all have one thing in common–they all need Jesus and desire to grow in their relationship with Him!”

– Blair Rowland, Updates from Calvary Cartagena

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