Choosing Earrings that Compliment Your Face Shape

Choosing Earrings that Compliment Your Face Shape
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Are you ever excited to try on a pair of earrings at a store and then realize they “don’t look right”? Your face shape plays a huge role in finding earrings that accentuate your best features. Choosing earrings this way does not limit your possibilities. Instead, it allows you to explore earrings of different lengths, shapes, and placements.


Below, you’ll see a graphic of common face shapes, along with celebrity examples. From Rashida Jones to Lucy Liu, each of these beautiful women wears earrings that work best for them. Today, we’ll focus on four of the most prevalent face shapes: oval, rectangular, square, and heart.

Celebrity Face Shapes

“If your face is an oval…then technically you can wear any type of earring, any length, any size,” says Berlin jewelry designer Justine Leconte. Different lengths, shapes, and placements complement a person with an oval face differently. Look, for example, at the picture of Beyoncé above. Her large, dangling earrings bring more volume to her jawline. An earring like this is even more helpful to those with an oblong face shape.


Meanwhile, those with a square or rectangular face will want to take the emphasis away from their jawline. A stud earring, for example, will complement this person’s eyes. “It’s really important to understand that you want to keep the weight away from the widest part of your face,” says luxury boutique owner Marilyn Hellman. This group should also consider round or hoop-style earrings, which directly contrast their face shape.

"Chloe" Earrings

Because people with heart-shaped faces have a narrow chin, dangling triangle earrings with a wide base are a great contrast. They can also try a teardrop earring that ends at the chin. This will bring the emphasis back up to their eyes.


"Beatrice" Earrings


There is a lot to consider when choosing the right accessories. We have helpful guides on discovering the right necklaces and bracelets, too. Have you had success recently finding the perfect earrings to compliment your natural beauty? Let us know in the comments!

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