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June 5, 2018

Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise Jewelry Is Absolutely Magnificent Turquoise jewelry is a wonderful gift for anyone. It is an extremely versatile mineral and can be set into silver earrings or elaborate gold or copper necklaces. There are different grades of turquoise and it is possible to buy turquoise jewelry for only a few dollars. Of course, the value of the turquoise jewelry depends on the quality of the stone used, the amount, and also the value of any
Receiving a gift of fine jewelry is always appreciated, but handmade jewelry is an unexpected delight! Handmade jewelry is a gift that goes beyond simply being precious metals and gemstones. It is something unique and special that reflects the unique and special place the receiver holds in your heart. There is no gift that has the power to move a woman like a rare and individual work of art that she can wear close to
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January 8, 2018

2017 Charities Supported

Happy New Year! As you may know, proceeds from every sale go to charities that support women’s initiative. In 2017, we gave over $250 to your favorite charities.¬†Thank you for helping us to help others! Learn more about the charities supported. Out of Darkness offers assistance to victims of sex trafficking. The goal of this faith-based charity organization is to create a loving world in the image of their core values of humanity, wisdom, and
You are looking to buy a handmade beaded jewelry piece, in particular a handmade necklace, but how to choose the right one? Not sure of which style or length would look great on you? Then read on and follow these tips. The most important factor in choosing the correct handmade necklace design for yourself starts with looking at your reflection in the mirror. Consider the following: Are you tall with a slender neck? Then choker